Libelium is an SME that is closely located and related to the University of Zaragoza. Since its origin in 2006 as a Spin Off company from this University, Libelium has been recognized as an innovator company by all institutions within the Spanish Government. Libelium designs and manufactures hardware technology for the implementation of wireless sensor networks so that system integrators, engineering and consultancy companies can implement reliable solutions to end users within the minimum time to market. Libelium SME’s core competence is the development of tiny, powerful and ultra-low maintenance, highly robust wireless sensor nodes. Our technology is present in more than 45 countries worldwide, with a community of developers of more than 2000 members and 15000 sensor nodes sold. Major application areas of Libelium SME lie in the complex perception tasks where Libelium SME also develops system, firmware and application logic. Libelium SME’s product line also covers hardware modules for sensor system and high-efficient network protocols and . Libelium SME systems are used in a variety of settings both in industry and academia (e.g. SmartSantander project, Telefonica, Acciona, Vodafone, AT&T, Fraunhofer Institute, University of Cambridge, IBM, etc).

Main tasks in the project

In the project Libelium will take care of the research and development of hardware devices as well as of novel devices for life focused ad-hoc data collection for industrial service. It will lead WP4, devoted to wireless technologies and will spread its activity in almost all Wps.Previous experience relevant to those tasks Libelium SME will actively take part in the research and development of new wireless sensor devices to collect data for industrial service. Libelium SME will also be very active in dissemination e.g. to identify technology with short and mid-term economical potential and to actively work towards integrating such technology in their product line. The Libelium SME team concentrates more than five years of practical experience in the development and deployment of wireless sensor networks. The platforms developed by Libelium SME have world-wide users in well-known research institutes like Fraunhofer Institute, Mid Sweden University or University of Cambridge as well as in many industrial contexts. Libelium SME technology is being used in SmartSantander (FP7 project), one of the biggest European Smart Cities with more than 1200 sensor nodes deployed in several cities such as Santander (Spain) and Belgrade (Serbia).

Short profile of key persons

David GASCÓN - Computer Engineer by the Polytechnic Center of Zaragoza is the Libelium's Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. He has been working as professor at the Engineers University of Zaragoza (Spain). His main research areas are the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Mesh Networks and the Self Emergent and Auto-organizational Complex Systems, as his development in the creation of two protocols for the Internet based on the ant colony and other swarm insects behaviours (Marabunta, Enjambre) shows. He is also the cofounder of the WSN Spanish Consortium (RendSens) and main member of International Research Groups: Sensor Networks and Mesh Networks.

David REMÓN - Research & Development Engineer. He studied a Masters Degree in Telecommunications Engineering and is a part of the R&D group in LIB, coordinating diverse European projects. He also works in different LIB ad-hoc projects.