Test Beds


To be set up In Caritf research center. The main goal is to check the sistem integration.


The picture below shows the layout of the mockup. As a nal objective, we have seeked for a fully operational site from a functional point of view. The mockup consists of three rooms:

1. Kitchen, where all appliances are the mockup and additional elements (countertops, sink, etc.) to have a fully functional kitchen will be installed
2. AuxiliaryRoom, which will serve as a meeting central point for project discussion
and dissemination. This room is intended to have space to place di usion elements
such as posters, brochures, etc.
3. ControlRoom, where all the elements for the proper functioning of the mockup
are located: electrical panel, external internet conexion, central computer to install
the middleware and control software, etc.



Fire Facilities 

SOCIAL&SMART is an experimental project aiming at instantiating a large-scale IoT Experiments which will be run on top of the Crew, OpenLab and SmartSantander facilities (starting in October 2014).